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The Science of Survival


" Adventure into 2050...can you survive?"
Adventure into 2050...a hands exhibition for the eco generation. Explore how science and technology could help us respond to our changing planet.
Visitors tackle some of the challenges the future holds with the help of Dug, Tek, Buz and Eco, four virtual guides from 2050. Discover new ways to find water, design a new superfood, create your very own vehicle and build your own neighbourhood and power it before seeing how your choices and creations affect the Future City.
Project objectives​​​
  • Develop the third major exhibition for The Science of... series at the Science Museum, London 
  • Create a sustainably-sourced dual exhibition to tour the globe
  • Attract and generate funding and sponsorship
  • Develop an online education pack
  • Develop complementary retail products
  • Publish an accompanying book for shops and online
Our role
  • Direct, design and manage the project in its entirety

  • Procure specialist designers and interactive game developers

  • Work with and synthesise the in-house content developers

  • Audience evaluation

  • Collections management and showcasing

  • Generate the master budget and maintain the cost plan

  • Risk management

  • Procure and develop the design and dual build in two continents

  • Develop the logistics programme for the global tour

  • Construction management

  • Site management

  • Stakeholder communication

Developed by The Science of... in partnership with the Science Museum 

Funded by Fleming Media

Sponsored by: HSBC, Nissan, BASF

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